IMG Worlds, Dubai

IMG Worlds of Adventure Rides

From your favorite cartoon characters to your favorite superheroes, IMG Worlds of Adventure rides will introduce you to a world full of fun. Get ready to help Ironman save the world but don't forget to hide from unruly dinosaurs.


Step into the Marvel zone and meet all your favorite superheroes. Be it Spider-man, The Hulk, Thor, or The Avengers, you’ll find them all here. Visit the Marvel zone for a variety of thrilling IMG rides. Keep in mind, Spider-man Doc Ock’s Revenge and Thor Thunder Spin are all-time favorites.

Lost Valley

Go back in time and witness the prehistoric lost world of dinosaurs at the Lost Valley. Here, you’ll find a number of action-packed IMG rides that just cannot be missed. The best part of this zone is that most of these dinosaur rides are suitable for audiences of all ages.

Cartoon Network

This zone houses some of the best IMG rides, drawing inspiration from various Cartoon Network characters. Step into the world of Powerpuff Girls, Ben 10, LazyTown, and other equally memorable characters.

IMG Boulevard

The welcoming zone of IMG, the IMG Boulevard, offers a variety of thrilling experiences, the most popular of which is the Haunted House. It also houses a number of retail stores and restaurants.

Rides at IMG
Haunted Hotel

Once you step inside the Haunted Hotel, you will have to overcome many obstacles to find the door to your freedom. Here's your chance to find out how well you fare against confusing mazes, changing backgrounds, and scary ghosts. It will require nerves of steel for you to make it out.

Things to keep in mind:

Minimum age to enter: 15 years