Shopping at IMG Worlds of Adventure

Want to take something home as a reminder of all the fun you had? IMG Worlds of Adventure has a number of exclusive stores that sell exciting branded goods and merchandise of all your favorite Super Heroes. Read on to find out more.


If you are a fan of Marvel Super Heroes, look no farther. The Marvel zone has a number of retail stores that sell exclusive merchandise. Let's take a closer look at each of these stores.

Marvel stores at IMG

Marvel Universe

One of the biggest Marvel stores in the world, Marvel Universe, is located at IMG Worlds of Adventure. Here, you'll find a collection of the most exclusive Marvel merchandise.

Marvel comics at IMG

Empire News and Comics

An interactive store that allows you to stay on top of everything that happens at Marvel city, this is where you should head over to if you wish to browse through hundreds of Marvel comics.

Avengers at IMG Worlds

Avengers Exchange

Want to dress up as your favorite Marvel superhero? Head over to the Avengers Exchange and watch yourself transform. From clothes to accessories, you'll find everything you need in this store.

Shopping at IMG

Epsilon Command

Head over to Epsilon Command for a variety of games, super hero figurines, and toys. If you wish to take a photo with the Hulk, you can do that here too. They also have an exquisite collection of Marvel merchandise!

Cartoon Network

Get ready for a trip down memory lane as you walk across the many Cartoon Network stores here. From Dexter’s Laboratory to Ben 10, you'll find them all here.

CN stores at IMG

Cartoon Network Classics

One of the most popular Cartoon Network stores at IMG, the Cartoon Network Classics will leave you mesmerized. True to its name, you'll find all your favorite CN characters here.

IMG stores - CN

Cartoon Network Store

If you are a true CN fan, you will fall in love with the Cartoon Network Store at IMG. Here, you'll not only get to browse through numerous Cartoon Network related games and toys, but also meet your favorite characters!

Lazy Store at IMG

Lazy Store

If you grew up watching LazyTown, don't forget to pay a visit to the Lazy Store. Here, you'll find LazyTown merchandise, toys, and everything else you need for a trip down memory lane.

Ben 10 - Universe, IMG

Ben 10 - Universe

At the Ben 10 - Universe, you have a wide variety of toys and games to choose from. Not to forget the exclusive line of Ben 10 merchandise you'll find here.

Lost Valley

IMG Dubai's Lost Valley houses a unique collection of retail outlets that have derived inspiration from the pre-historic era of dinosaurs. Here's a detailed description of what awaits you.

The Explorer’s Supply store at IMG

The Explorer’s Supply

Ever wanted to own a dinosaur's egg? If your answer is yes, do not hesitate to head over to The Explorer’s Supply. Here, you'll find everything an intrepid explorer could ever hope for.

IMG merchandise

Raptor Outpost

If you wish to take a little bit of IMG Worlds back home with you, head over to Raptor Outpost. Here, you'll find mugs, t-shirts, coasters and other branded merchandise.

IMG merchandise

LV Retail Cart

Too busy enjoying the Lost Valley rides to shop? Not to worry. You can always grab a few souvenirs from one of the LV Retail Carts. With a number of fun branded goods, they are definitely worth checking out.

IMG Boulevard

Candy stores, branded merchandise and green screen photography - IMG Boulevard has all the ingredients for a fun day out. Let's take a closer look at each of these stores.

Haunted House at IMG

Haunted Hotel Store

If you survived the Haunted Hotel, you definitely need something to remember it by. Head over to the Haunted Hotel Store and grab a painting to take home.

World of Candy, IMG

World of Candy

What sets apart the World of Candy from all the other candy stores is that here, you get to make your own candy! They have a live kitchen where you can experiment all you want.

IMG Emporium

IMG Emporium

At IMG Emporium, you'll find all the branded merchandise you'll need. From IMG Worlds t-shirts to mugs, you'll find it all here. Don't forget to stop by and take a little bit of IMG Worlds back home with you.

Adventure Photography at IMG

Adventure Photography

Witness the magic of green screen technology up close. Witness yourself instantly transform into a superhero or enter the prehistoric era of dinosaurs.

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